Actionable and practical strategies for building and maintaining a high-performing team of young adults.

 Overcoming the Obstacles of Leading and Engaging  Millennials


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"It's been really fruitful for us to partner with GenDev and learn ways that we can bridge that gap and meet Millennials where they're at."

Mitch Merwin
Cascade Manager, Cascade Athletic Club

"GenDev has developed a very holistic process to interviewing, selecting the right person, onboarding and training, developing, retaining, and motivating employees. This process has been very successful for my organization, and can be for any organization."

Liviu Vizitiu
Franchise Owner, Chick-fil-A Rancho Cordova

"I think the work of a company like GenDev is really critical in terms of both being an instigator to the status quo and tradition; but, also helping give the tools and resources so that those currently in leadership positions know how to engage with and grow up this next generation of leaders."

Casey Wyckoff
Principal, LSW Architects

"I think what GenDev is teaching is really important because Millennials need Autonomy. They don’t want to be micromanaged and they don’t want someone constantly looking over their shoulder. Giving them those responsibilities so they can hit the ground running is really important."

Natalie Hategan
Manager, Human Resources

This Streaming Workshop Includes:

  • How to solve biggest problems that organizations face with Millennials and GenZ'rs right now.
  • How to overcome the 4 Obstacles of leadership development.
  • The Five Pillars of leadership and management 
  • Actionable strategies on effectively lead your organization with the least amount of headaches.
  • Insight into our upcoming course Millennial Leadership Blueprint.

Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD to ignore the Millennial Generation!

  • This generational gap is the largest one yet. Leaders in all industries are struggling leading this young generation.
  • By 2025 the Millennial Generation will make-up 75% of the total workforce. 
  • The biggest wealth transfer in history is happening now!

You’re going to see LESS TURNOVER with your organization and MORE ENGAGEMENT from your team!

"What GenDev is doing is important because you’re giving tenured and experienced bosses the tools to share with the Millennials."

Jared Walker
Founder, Dollar For

"GenDev’s curriculum doesn’t just help with hiring the right person, but it helps you retain and develop the right person, too."

Dave Kelly
Owner, Windy Hills Winery

"Getting on board and seeing the advice that GenDev had for me has helped as I have developed as a leader."

Matt Hategan
Owner, Mad Hatter Catering

These strategies can be implemented by ANYONE who is willing to learn.

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About Wesley Dameron

Wesley is the founder of, a generational leadership and boutique consultancy organization. Throughout his 20 years as a business owner, Wesley has managed a diverse workforce of Baby
Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and now Gen Z.

During that time, he’s gained significant experience and insight into how disparate generations are inspired and managed. Identifying the immense opportunity with young employees led him on a journey to understand what motivates this unique cohort.