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Your Organization's Talent:


of young employees (Millennials + Gen Z) expect to leave their job within 2 years.


of young employees expect to work at least part-time in retirement.


of young employees would rather spend money on a desirable experience than on a physical product that they want.


of young employees say that they would be more loyal to their employers if they had flexible work options, such as the ability to work remotely.

"A company like GenDev is a great asset. They have the ability to create relationships, identify talent and raise those people up so that their potential is realized and maximized."

Luke Nelson
Insurance Broker, Premier NW Insurance

"I think what GenDev is teaching is really important because Millennials need some Autonomy. They don’t want to be micromanaged, they don’t want someone looking over their shoulder. Giving them those responsibilities so they can hit the ground running is really important."

Natalie Hategan
Senior Human Resources Manager

"What GenDev is doing is important because you’re giving tenured and experienced bosses the tools to share with the Millennials."

Jared Walker
Founder, Dollar For

"What GenDev is doing is simplifying a process and making it cultural by looking at the needs and expectations of the younger generation. There are not enough organizations that are paying attention to that, and GenDev is right on top of it."

Liviu Vizitiu
Franchise Owner, Chick-fil-A Rancho Cordova

"I think the work of a company like GenDev is really critical in terms of both being an instigator to the status quo and tradition; but, also helping give the tools and resources so that those currently in leadership positions know how to engage with and grow up this next generation of leaders."

Casey Wyckoff
Principal, LSW Architects

"What GenDev is doing is awesome because they make it easier to understand and support an organization's systems. People get to learn through stories and good experiences and will be able to succeed in cultural shifts."

Ryan Moor
CEO, Ryonet - Allmade

Who We Help

Business Owners

Do you hire or manage young employees? We help give practical tools to lead a young team more effectively and efficiently.

HR Specialists

Although challenging to hire, young adults are a new generation of highly educated and talented employees. 


It's critical to have the right people on the bus, all moving in the same direction. You'll need to be agile in your strategy to remain an elite leader. 

Professional Managers

Young adults will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020. Ensure you're equipped to motivate and develop this new generation of talent. 

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