Meet the GenDev Team!

At GenDev, we are more than a company, we are a team. Each member of our team is an integral part of our core, helping to construct our company culture, values, and principles!

Wesley D

Serial entrepreneur, leadership coach, and business mentor and founder of GenDev. When not working, you can find him spending quality time with his wife and two boys. 
Favorite Hobby: Sailing


"I love encouraging others, building workplace relationships, and organizing meaningful events for the team. I love being a part of a team with a mission to serve others! In my spare time I enjoy cooking & baking."


“My passion is helping others to develop their strengths and help lead them to success. I enjoy spending time with those I love and letting the outdoors guide my sense of wonder.”


“I love making film and being a part of this team.”


Trent is an author, thinker, and philosophizer who suffers - rather bravely - from argumentaphilia, or the inability to resist or otherwise avoid interesting or contentious conversations.


"I am a content creator and producer. My interests include: climbing, hiking, and exploring. I enjoy using my work as an outlet for creativity and to accomplish team goals."


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