Meet Wesley Dameron & GenDev

Wesley Dameron is a serial entrepreneur, leadership coach, and business mentor with a long history of building successful businesses in both Oregon and Washington.

Great bosses know that different generations (and personalities) should be uniquely motivated and managed within organizations. Identifying the immense opportunity with Millennial employees led Wesley on an onerous journey to solve the biggest problems that are exasperating bosses: Primarily leading and managing young, Millennial talent.

Wesley currently manages, a L&D Creative Consulting Agency that focuses on generational integration and coaching teams to greater influence and more effectiveness.

Wesley's passion of impacting and investing into the lives of others was the motivation for building multiple brands that have generated multi-million dollar annual revenues, and served over a million customers.

GenDev's Millennial Leadership Blueprint, is an intensive, video-based training that helps leaders, managers, executives, and human resource professionals build skills to successfully manage, communicate, and develop high-performing teams.


"If you’re not familiar with any leadership training, this is the way to go. GenDev’s curriculum is not just applicable to some bosses, it’s applicable to everyone."

Matt Hategan
Owner, Mad Hatter Catering

"GenDev’s curriculum doesn’t just help with hiring the right person, but it helps you retain and develop the right person, too. "

Dave Kelly
Windy Hills Winery

"What GenDev is doing is awesome because they make it easier to understand and support an organization's systems. People get to learn through stories and good experiences and will be able to succeed in cultural shifts."

Ryan Moore
CEO, Ryonet

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