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I Want It Now ...The Toaster Waffle Generation

Just to get you into the mood for reading this post, go ahead and listen to this in the background.

Now we can begin.

It’s important to be mindful of unintentional timelines promised to young employees.  For example, talking to an employee about a increased responsibility (a promotion) can lead to a number of problems if not extremely mindful of the presentation.  

Telling a well-performing millennial employee, “I’d like to see you in management or leadership soon,” can be a huge mistake.  I can guarantee you this- your soon is not the same as their soon.

Issues created from lack of care include: increased entitlement, unreasonable expectation, and declining performance.

Their “soon” might be interpreted as: next week, pay period, or quarter.  Once the expected day has come and gone, you will inevitably end up with a disgruntled, slighted, and potentially toxic employee who once exhibited strong potential.  

Young employees have frequently been operating in the academic timeline of semester or quarters.

What started off as well intentioned motivation, has turned to …. crap.

So what changed?  The employee is still management quality, right?  

In the I deserve -it-now generation, employees are not accustomed to waiting, much less earning, for what they want.  

Netflix, Prime Now, and toaster waffles have changed culture and expectation.


In my next post, we’ll discuss some a couple of easy techniques to implement to avoid this management pitfall.  

I'd be fibbing if I said I had never been in that pit. 

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