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These Millennial Attributes are Crucial for Your Business


I was terribly disappointed to read some recent articles and studies regarding hiring and promoting Millennials to managerial positions.

There’s a general anxiety and reluctance in the US workforce to hire people under 30, because they are perceived as unpredictable and not having the same work ethic as other generations.

In fact, there is a huge problem with buy-in among Millennials and the symptoms are turnover and disengagement from their jobs.

If you’re a type of leader who sees problems as opportunities, you’ve got a big one right in front of you. Millennials dominating the workplace feel like both!

Understanding their incredible potential, aptitudes, and preferences is the first step to taking advantage of the best they can offer, though. If you can get this down, you’re certainly going to have a competitive edge when it comes to innovation and creativity.

Here’s a sobering thought... we’re all getting older each day. Hang out with some young adults if you want to be reminded about how “uncool” you really are

With the unprecedented wealth transfer that’s happening now, paying attention and being the most agile at integrating Millennials and Zers into your organization will give you sustained performance over time. And that, my friend, is how legacy is created.

For a high-performing leader, this is the end game.

So make the decision today, to prioritize a Millennials’ potential.

It’s coming whether you want it or not, so don’t be the last one holding the bag.

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