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Living The Dream

I recently had a vision - not a dream, just a vision.

I was sitting at a baccalaureate ceremony and a speaker moved forward to address the crowd of thousands. I couldn’t make out the specific features of the orator, but I had a knowing feeling that this was someone who had faced persecution, personal trials, and suffering at the hands of men.

He said this:

“It's true, it's true we are a diverse culture and we all come from a vast background of experiences. I see young, I see old, I see… people.”

The history of man’s existence has been filled with life, death, and everything in between.

Tragedy continuously impales our Nation and makes itself known to the world through social, racial, or religious injustices.

Today, we all have a choice. No matter the struggles and persecutions our parents faced, or our great grandparents endured, or in which our great-great grandparents persevered... (or maybe even caused), our perspective is not beholden to their choices or actions.


The family member who told you “you can’t do it”

The parent that wasn't supportive (or present)

The friends that brought out the worst in you

Isn’t easy… But,

as of this moment, you can choose how you want to live.

Will you live by a set of values?

Will you let the lives of those who came before you dictate your actions?

Now is the time where you choose for yourself what you will STAND FOR…

Don’t give a second thought about your past life. Now, you have the chance to make whatever life you want!

Your destiny lies in your identity. And your identity—who you really are and the way that you act—will determine your success and significance.

You get to choose your identity. Your genetics were chosen for you, but only you control your identity.

This is your time to make the decision for yourself, to decide how you are going to live, and more importantly, what you are going to STAND FOR.

Make the choice today, despite all the trials that you face, despite all the people in your life who told you “no”, and all the negative circumstances you’ve overcome, that you’ll fight back.

When the world wants you to take the easy route (being selfish, greedy, and deceitful) and when it puts it’s foot to your throat forcing you into yielding submission, make the right decision.

Make the decision that is based on values:

Integrity, honesty, kindness, and discipline.

Today is the day that you are no longer controlled by self-limit doubts.

Control your destiny to fulfill The Dream.

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