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The Noise is Too Loud for Millennials!

Millennials have been educated and "raised" by a community. A very big online community that doesn't have their best interest at heart.

From political propaganda, to the falsity of image crafting, young adults have been led astray from the true values that are created by the institution of family and quality child rearing.

A parent no longer exclusively raises a child in a local community. Multiple screens are the substitute parent.

For many years, children have consumed TV media excessively- this is nothing new. We sit in front of TVs absorbing whatever the broadcast.

Things are different now.

We are getting immediate feedback and input from a wide variety of sources that have minimal censorship. (even TV is censored, right?)

A definition of being a child is limited access to knowledge. When we're young, we need information and access slowly dripped to us in a way that nurtures our emotional and psychological needs.

Btw, we're not talking the violence from video games. Violence is not new.

There is something completely different that is new... we need to consider the manipulation of youth by corporations, celebrities, youtube, angry political shows, and influencers that have intimate access to our attention.

Dare I mention access to explicit sexual material at unprecedented quantities?

A key component of understanding this generation is that their values are being shaped by a harsh and sometimes cruel world in a much more visceral way than previous generations.

As much professional education as Millennials boast, they are not taught to think critically because all of the noise is too loud.

How does an unprepared business leader have a chance? 

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