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Good Intentions Don’t Cut It

Just Because they Say it, Doesn’t Mean it’s True

Another day, another “I told you so” Millennial article. Including this one I’m writing right now.

Millennials and the up-and-comers Gen Z, are plagued by a vocally supportive community. This community has raised them. They’ve loved them, accepted them, encouraged them, and given a platform to their agendas.

In spite of their noble intentions, a lack of real-world experience results in yet another reason why previous generations undervalue Millennials’ supposed preferences.

They (young adults) champion these ideas and sing them from the streets. They sign petitions and make status posts. They’re so busy convincing the world to make a change, but fail to independently consider whether it’s even practical. Moreover, they get into the trap of saying or voting for something (probably influenced by their community) but just can't be bothered with the discipline required to execute.

Even worse for the practical realists, Millennials don’t consider the unintended consequences of their (often) liberal-biased “agendas”.

Of course, we all want to be heroes. We all want to save the world, do what’s right, and ultimately make a difference by leaving a legacy. But the way to change the world can’t be rooted in whims and fancy. And, it’s not going to be through hip-hop music and Netflix.

  • Is socially responsible textiles a valiant cause? Absolutely!
  • Sustainable agriculture...? Yes, please.
  • Affordable higher education...? Great!
  • Low emission vehicles, recycling, and a reduced environmental footprint...? Check
  • $15/hour pay rate for entry level, minimum wage jobs...? No problem (ty Seattle)
  • Animal rights activists eating vegan and clean...? Perfect, I ♥️ pets.

All lofty platforms! 👆
The problem is that when Millennials fail to adhere to the guidelines required to support these great causes, it undermines their credibility. (This article by Brendan)

And shouldn’t it though? If you can’t walk-the-walk, then stop the talk... because it’s a beatdown to the rest of us.

So as I sit here in my Costco shirt, eating a processed burger from a fast food joint I drove to in my Excursion, paying my 16 year old employees $12/h, I’d like to leave you with a final message:

By all means, pick a hill to die upon, commit to the cause, and don’t back down. But please remember, don’t ask of me a sacrifice that you aren’t truly willing to make yourself. 


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