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The Secret to Retaining Millennial Employees

I recently got an email from one of our readers and students. It said:

“Hi Wesley, I’ve enjoyed your transformational talks, but you keep talking about aligning my organization's mission with our young employees. How am I supposed to do that when our product is….”

That’s about where I stopped.

Let me complete the sentence.

“How am I supposed to align our mission when the biggest responsibilities of my employee(s) is(are):”

Serving coffee

☎️Cold calling

🖥️Performing the worlds most boring data entry

🗑️Cleaning up messes

⚙️Working on a manufacturing line

🍔Flipping burgers

😩Being friendly to pissed-off customers

This is a great question because frankly, we need our teams to get back out there and serve coffee with a smile. And our typical thought process usually goes along the lines of something like this:

"Why don’t you just get out there and do your job! When I was 22 years old I would have loved to have a job in an air-conditioned coffee shop where my tasks were to make a completely automated coffee, smile, and put money in the register."

Image result for barista life

or... this:

"This is a dream job. Oh, and you make $15/h. When I had my first job shoveling dirt all day, I made what averaged out to $5/h (or ridiculously amount that you were happy to earn) and I was the highest paid dirt shoveler on the team."

Image result for hard work shoveling dirt

You are in good company if this resembles your thought process.

I understand… this is actually a REAL example.

Here’s the deal, and here’s what I’m getting at in today’s TT (transformational talk).

You have TWO responsibilities as a boss:

  1. You thought your dirt shoveling days were over... and they are, but you still need to perform jobs that you don’t like to do. Such as, investing quite a bit of your precious time into your young team - if you want them to stay in your company.
  2.  You need to make sure that your company is doing something GOOD, and making a difference in the world around you. With your margin (either time or money), you need to GIVE to charities, non-profits, or those in need.

When you hire and have meetings, explaining what you’re doing to make a difference will generate goodwill

"Explaining what you’re doing to make a difference, will generate goodwill."

By actively practicing those two responsibilities weekly, you’re going to go a long way in retaining the individuals that should be at your company. In their mind, you obviously have similar goals.

Each coffee they serve is one step towards fulfilling their goals of having someone invest in them (you), and making a difference in the world. 🌎

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