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These Millennial Attributes are Crucial for Your Business


I was terribly disappointed to read some recent articles and studies regarding hiring and promoting Millennials to managerial positions.

There’s a general anxiety and reluctance in the US workforce to hire people under 30, because they are perceived as unpredictable and not having the same work ethic as other generations.

In fact, there is a huge problem with buy-in among Millennials and the symptoms are turnover and disengagement from their jobs.

If you’re a type of...


"Another Meeting?!" Why having a daily huddle is important!

Meetings- highly important and for most organizations, highly boring.

We all need meetings for alignment, but most of wish we had fewer meetings. 

Thing is...a great leader is not circumventing their responsibility of holding AND being adequately prepared for these engagements. And when it comes to leading a young team, meetings are invaluable as you:

  • Invest in their development, training, and education
  • Keep a close eye on their tasks... lest...

Good Intentions Don’t Cut It

Just Because they Say it, Doesn’t Mean it’s True

Another day, another “I told you so” Millennial article. Including this one I’m writing right now.

Millennials and the up-and-comers Gen Z, are plagued by a vocally supportive community. This community has raised them. They’ve loved them, accepted them, encouraged them, and given a platform to their agendas.

In spite of their noble intentions, a lack of real-world experience results in yet another reason why...


Living The Dream

I recently had a vision - not a dream, just a vision.

I was sitting at a baccalaureate ceremony and a speaker moved forward to address the crowd of thousands. I couldn’t make out the specific features of the orator, but I had a knowing feeling that this was someone who had faced persecution, personal trials, and suffering at the hands of men.

He said this:

“It's true, it's true we are a diverse culture and we all come from a vast background of experiences. I see young, I see old,...


Resolutions are Easy: The Players, the Haters and Everyone Else

This is a good as time as any to talk about new year’s resolutions and goal setting. After all, it’s a new year with new opportunity. Conversely, a lot of people hate the goal setting because it’s just going to be another reminder of how they’ve failed when they don’t achieve.

Players: 41% usually make resolutions
Haters: 42% never make resolutions
Everyone Else: 17% sometimes make resolutions

Study on Resolutions for 2017

It’s equally split between the...


First Steps To Starting Your Own Business


“Tell me everything I need to know about starting a business.”

This is a request I receive… about weekly.  

Wow, no problem.  Let me get right on that

Well, I’ve been working on a solution.  Are you ready?! 

This week I’m proud to announce the release of our Business Idea Diamond.  We’ve put in a few hours over the last three months developing the idea, filming the videos, and building out the tool.  

This business...


I Want It Now ...The Toaster Waffle Generation

Just to get you into the mood for reading this post, go ahead and listen to this in the background.

Now we can begin.

It’s important to be mindful of unintentional timelines promised to young employees.  For example, talking to an employee about a increased responsibility (a promotion) can lead to a number of problems if not extremely mindful of the presentation.  

Telling a well-performing millennial employee, “I’d like to see you in management or leadership...


The Noise is Too Loud for Millennials!

Millennials have been educated and "raised" by a community. A very big online community that doesn't have their best interest at heart.

From political propaganda, to the falsity of image crafting, young adults have been led astray from the true values that are created by the institution of family and quality child rearing.

A parent no longer exclusively raises a child in a local community. Multiple screens are the substitute parent.

For many years, children have consumed TV media...

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