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The Easiest and Hardest Job For A Leader: Being Present

12 Steps to Becoming a Stronger Leader

Step 1: Be Present 

Description: In this blog, we discuss the importance of being present and using strategies to stay mindful. We also cover the messages we send to others by committing to be present when interacting with them and the dangers of living too far in the past or the future.

Don’t Miss the Moment

Have you ever finished a page in a book only to realize that you have no idea what you just read? Or driven to work, without...


How To Help Your Struggling Employee

Tasks vs People

As a leader, you are probably highly skilled at accomplishing important tasks. It’s likely that this skill has played a large part in your career development and has helped you accomplish many of your goals.

There is one problem though, to put it in the words of a popular television series: “all magic comes at a price.”

The price of being a well-oiled task completion machine is that one might focus on the results too much. It may be the case that your...


Job Ghosting: A Scary New Trend For Employers

Maybe you’ve had an experience like this:

You make plans with someone to meet up for coffee. You have set the time and place in advance and you spoke with the other person and they confirmed the meeting. So you show up to the coffeehouse and wait, but they don’t seem to be coming.

So you send a text. No response. They are really late now, so you call them. Nothing. You wait maybe 30 or 40 minutes, enjoy your latte, and try calling one more time. Still, you are not able to reach...


That Moment When your Employee Quits via SnapChat

It’s no secret that younger generations prefer to communicate digitally. In fact, more than 70% of Millennials prefer to receive communication in a digital format.

But, even with this overwhelming preference, there are certain messages that are too important to just send in a text, right?

I mean, shouldn’t some things just be done in person...

Well...not according to a recent study conducted by Adobe. They surveyed over 1000 employees and the results were surprising: ...


Raising Other People's Kids 😕

Listen, I’m all about being practical. Here's a quick statistic and action item that you can easily apply to gain an advantage. 

Allow me to present to you a serious problem:

A lot of leaders who I talk to are parents, they’re dads and moms who have been working professionals, but have also raised children.

Children are the greatest blessing, but raising a child is difficult. It's a lot of work, it’s a lot of stress and you have to treat every child differently.


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