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Nice vs. Kind

Have you ever asked yourself the difference between two similar words? In this case, as a leader of young people, what does it mean to be nice? What does it mean to be kind?

There are a lot of aphorisms as explanations.  

In the kitchen, chefs always tell their sous chefs, make it nice or make it twice.  

Our parents always tell us to be nice.  

And yet, you have to be cruel to be kind.

What a confounding situation.

Being nice and being kind are matters of perception 



The Plight of the Perfectionist

I’m here to talk to you about the plight of the perfectionist. Some of us are perfectionists, myself included… maybe you show tendencies…

But, it’s a wide spectrum AND there are a lot of people who follow our content that want to complete tasks with excellence, so I have a strong warning for you….

Here's the big issue... according to me.


When we are perfectionists, we expect that we will manifest our best every time.

We always expect to be doing our...


Millennial Controversy

Who doesn’t love minor league baseball?

The mascots running around the bases, oversized chocolate bars as prizes, hot dogs and of course, artfully crafted marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your team.  

Now, everyone in the world finds Millennial Night Baseball hilarious, right? First of all, it is a team whose mascot is a BISCUIT.  What is not to love? I love biscuits just as much as the next person. And, anyone with a minor league sense of humor knows that all minor...


Creating Experiences For The Young Adults In Our Workforce

Recently we had a Transformational Talk in which I talked about how millennials value experiences more than things; so, items, material positions etc.

I think it’s interesting because this is different from many other generations who didn’t grow up with many possessions.

Looking at the Silent Generation, they went through the Great Depression and had nothing. Think about our grandparent’s stories how they literally had nothing to their name.

Next, we consider the Baby...


How Much Money Does It Take To Make A Millennial Happy?


The old mentality of compensation is dead. Have you read the news lately? Millennial employees have high expectations of their salary and financial future, more than any other generation in history. Millennial optimism and goal-setting have contributed to a strong correlation between their relationship to their job and the self-actualizing society that surrounds them. Do not blame social media, though!

Blame Tim Ferriss. Blame Chris Guillebeau and Tai Lopez. Blame the 'lifestyle...


The 10 Letter Bad Word


In fact, Millennial has become such a negative term that there’s an app - an extension- that you can install on your browser, that will replace the word “millennial” if it shows up on a website.

Obviously developed by a Millennial, it’s recommended by the developer of the app that instead of using the word Millennial, that one uses the term “young adults.”

This ridiculous extension caught my attention because I think it’s...


Motivation vs. Inspiration


I recently attended the global leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek church in Chicago. Each year, I look forward to participating in this conference because the lineup of amazing speakers is incredible.

This year showcased John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, Sheila Heen, Craig Groeschel, and many more. All leadership experts and very successful individuals in their careers and various companies. 

Interestingly, the very first speaker on the first day was breaking down the difference...


The Disruption of Maslow’s

The Decision Making Failures of the American Millennial

In this transformational talk, I discuss the disruption of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

To recap Maslow’s: it's a (self-described) hierarchy of needs that should dictate a person’s decision-making process.

Maslow’s is broken down into three different sets of needs.

  • Basic Needs
  • Psychological Needs
  • Self Actualization Needs

Related image

The failure is happening when Millennials erroneously prioritize needs and make decisions...


Why Leadership and Development Programs are like Eating Programs (Diets)

Recently, I was reading a report just like nerds do within a specific industry and I was looking over the most recent state of leadership according to Harvard business publishing. What the report said was Leadership and Development programs are like eating programs.

Harvard said leadership development is like a diet. No I'm totally kidding, but that was the biggest inference that I received from the report, now here's what I mean.

We intuitively know that leadership and development is...


Quarter-Life Crisis : What is it?

 “The WHAT-life crisis?”

 That was my response when I first heard about the quarter-life crisis.

We’ve all heard about the mid-life crisis: the point in an executive’s life when an epiphany of self-realization that they’ve physically and professionally peaked, dictates their behavior or decision making.

Perhaps the reason why the Corvette continues strong sales in the US ;)

But the quarter-life crisis!?  Now you have my attention.


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