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Newest Trend In Employee Benefits Packages: VTO

(Watch Video Below) 

In the ever-changing world of Human Capital, employee benefits, and organizational leadership, there is one trend that has emerged as a powerful driver of retention, and it looks to be here to stay.
This perk is immensely popular with younger employees, especially those in the Millennial generation. Many of the top companies around the world have put this benefit into practice. I’m talking about VTO, or Volunteer Time Off.

One thing is for...

The Secret to Retaining Millennial Employees

I recently got an email from one of our readers and students. It said:

“Hi Wesley, I’ve enjoyed your transformational talks, but you keep talking about aligning my organization's mission with our young employees. How am I supposed to do that when our product is….”

That’s about where I stopped.

Let me complete the sentence.

“How am I supposed to align our mission when the biggest responsibilities of my employee(s) is(are):”

Serving coffee



Debunking the Myth: People Quit Bosses

(hint: they’re going to quit anyway)

In today’s transformational talk, here’s what I want to convey.

There are a lot of good reasons to leave your job:

  • Your company gets sold
  • A death in the family
  • An unhealthy or toxic environment

That sorta thing.

If you’re a millennial, the reasons get a little more fun:

  • Freelancing from a laptop for half the pay and twice the time off is fun
  • You want to travel long-term while you’re in your 20s
  • Cause you don’t feel...

⚡️One Simple Step to Increased Engagement and Retention ⚡️

How do we transform the workplace?

How can we create an environment where our Millennial employees repeat their professional victories?

We live in a faster-paced world than any generation has ever experienced. With all the stimulation, media updates, notifications, and social media likes, as leaders we have to innovate and update the workplace. Millennial employees have a social identity that requires input and reflection from outside sources. The workplace is an area where there is a...


How Much Money Does It Take To Make A Millennial Happy?


The old mentality of compensation is dead. Have you read the news lately? Millennial employees have high expectations of their salary and financial future, more than any other generation in history. Millennial optimism and goal-setting have contributed to a strong correlation between their relationship to their job and the self-actualizing society that surrounds them. Do not blame social media, though!

Blame Tim Ferriss. Blame Chris Guillebeau and Tai Lopez. Blame the 'lifestyle...


The One-Two Punch: Employee Engagement

 Here’s the thing about employee engagement- there are a number of ways to achieve it and there are a number of ways to mess it up.

The truth is, we’ll never experience success without laying the proper foundation of two critical elements.

1. Sharing Our Vision

2. Living By Core Values

Although seemingly obvious and arguably simple to integrate, we still fail to engage our teams on a consistent basis and are obviously failing as a cohort of bosses.

In fact, according to...


These Millennial Attributes are Crucial for Your Business


I was terribly disappointed to read some recent articles and studies regarding hiring and promoting Millennials to managerial positions.

There’s a general anxiety and reluctance in the US workforce to hire people under 30, because they are perceived as unpredictable and not having the same work ethic as other generations.

In fact, there is a huge problem with buy-in among Millennials and the symptoms are turnover and disengagement from their jobs.

If you’re a type of...

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