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Job Ghosting: A Scary New Trend For Employers

Maybe you’ve had an experience like this:

You make plans with someone to meet up for coffee. You have set the time and place in advance and you spoke with the other person and they confirmed the meeting. So you show up to the coffeehouse and wait, but they don’t seem to be coming.

So you send a text. No response. They are really late now, so you call them. Nothing. You wait maybe 30 or 40 minutes, enjoy your latte, and try calling one more time. Still, you are not able to reach...


Identifying Employees Who Are A Strong Motivational Fit

Chances are if you are a leader on the verge of burnout, it’s because you aren’t getting the best from your team and you find that it is easier to “pick up the slack” than to get everyone to hold their own. You operate at an “11” (out of 10), while your team operates at their own “leisurely” pace.

Maybe you are even starting to resent them for what you perceive as a lack of effort...

So how can you put yourself in a position to lead your team...


That Moment When your Employee Quits via SnapChat

It’s no secret that younger generations prefer to communicate digitally. In fact, more than 70% of Millennials prefer to receive communication in a digital format.

But, even with this overwhelming preference, there are certain messages that are too important to just send in a text, right?

I mean, shouldn’t some things just be done in person...

Well...not according to a recent study conducted by Adobe. They surveyed over 1000 employees and the results were surprising: ...


Millennial Controversy

Who doesn’t love minor league baseball?

The mascots running around the bases, oversized chocolate bars as prizes, hot dogs and of course, artfully crafted marketing campaigns to drive traffic to your team.  

Now, everyone in the world finds Millennial Night Baseball hilarious, right? First of all, it is a team whose mascot is a BISCUIT.  What is not to love? I love biscuits just as much as the next person. And, anyone with a minor league sense of humor knows that all minor...


Creating Experiences For The Young Adults In Our Workforce

Recently we had a Transformational Talk in which I talked about how millennials value experiences more than things; so, items, material positions etc.

I think it’s interesting because this is different from many other generations who didn’t grow up with many possessions.

Looking at the Silent Generation, they went through the Great Depression and had nothing. Think about our grandparent’s stories how they literally had nothing to their name.

Next, we consider the Baby...


The 10 Letter Bad Word


In fact, Millennial has become such a negative term that there’s an app - an extension- that you can install on your browser, that will replace the word “millennial” if it shows up on a website.

Obviously developed by a Millennial, it’s recommended by the developer of the app that instead of using the word Millennial, that one uses the term “young adults.”

This ridiculous extension caught my attention because I think it’s...


Good Intentions Don’t Cut It

Just Because they Say it, Doesn’t Mean it’s True

Another day, another “I told you so” Millennial article. Including this one I’m writing right now.

Millennials and the up-and-comers Gen Z, are plagued by a vocally supportive community. This community has raised them. They’ve loved them, accepted them, encouraged them, and given a platform to their agendas.

In spite of their noble intentions, a lack of real-world experience results in yet another reason why...


I Want It Now ...The Toaster Waffle Generation

Just to get you into the mood for reading this post, go ahead and listen to this in the background.

Now we can begin.

It’s important to be mindful of unintentional timelines promised to young employees.  For example, talking to an employee about a increased responsibility (a promotion) can lead to a number of problems if not extremely mindful of the presentation.  

Telling a well-performing millennial employee, “I’d like to see you in management or leadership...

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