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Boss vs Employees: The “Us” vs “Them” Age of Employment

The “Us” vs “Them” Mindset

Commercial entertainment is great at creating a clear discernible line between protagonist and antagonist. The person (or group) you want to “win” and the other side you want to “lose.” In fact, our expectations of entertainment are so predictable that Hollywood movie producers know they have less than 10 minutes to get their audience invested in a story before their attention drops off dramatically.

The lines...


Debunking the Myth: People Quit Bosses

(hint: they’re going to quit anyway)

In today’s transformational talk, here’s what I want to convey.

There are a lot of good reasons to leave your job:

  • Your company gets sold
  • A death in the family
  • An unhealthy or toxic environment

That sorta thing.

If you’re a millennial, the reasons get a little more fun:

  • Freelancing from a laptop for half the pay and twice the time off is fun
  • You want to travel long-term while you’re in your 20s
  • Cause you don’t feel...

How Much Money Does It Take To Make A Millennial Happy?


The old mentality of compensation is dead. Have you read the news lately? Millennial employees have high expectations of their salary and financial future, more than any other generation in history. Millennial optimism and goal-setting have contributed to a strong correlation between their relationship to their job and the self-actualizing society that surrounds them. Do not blame social media, though!

Blame Tim Ferriss. Blame Chris Guillebeau and Tai Lopez. Blame the 'lifestyle...


Good Intentions Don’t Cut It

Just Because they Say it, Doesn’t Mean it’s True

Another day, another “I told you so” Millennial article. Including this one I’m writing right now.

Millennials and the up-and-comers Gen Z, are plagued by a vocally supportive community. This community has raised them. They’ve loved them, accepted them, encouraged them, and given a platform to their agendas.

In spite of their noble intentions, a lack of real-world experience results in yet another reason why...


Living The Dream

I recently had a vision - not a dream, just a vision.

I was sitting at a baccalaureate ceremony and a speaker moved forward to address the crowd of thousands. I couldn’t make out the specific features of the orator, but I had a knowing feeling that this was someone who had faced persecution, personal trials, and suffering at the hands of men.

He said this:

“It's true, it's true we are a diverse culture and we all come from a vast background of experiences. I see young, I see old,...

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