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Why Leadership and Development Programs are like Eating Programs (Diets)

Recently, I was reading a report just like nerds do within a specific industry and I was looking over the most recent state of leadership according to Harvard business publishing. What the report said was Leadership and Development programs are like eating programs.

Harvard said leadership development is like a diet. No I'm totally kidding, but that was the biggest inference that I received from the report, now here's what I mean.

We intuitively know that leadership and development is...


Quarter-Life Crisis : What is it?

 “The WHAT-life crisis?”

 That was my response when I first heard about the quarter-life crisis.

We’ve all heard about the mid-life crisis: the point in an executive’s life when an epiphany of self-realization that they’ve physically and professionally peaked, dictates their behavior or decision making.

Perhaps the reason why the Corvette continues strong sales in the US ;)

But the quarter-life crisis!?  Now you have my attention.



Social Media: A Love And Hate Relationship

If you’re anything like me… (and I’m assuming you are if you’re reading this) there’s a good chance you understand exactly what I mean when I say, “ I love and hate social media."

It’s great staying in touch with family and seeing what friends (and enemies) are doing, but I also don’t love being on my device all the time.

It’s sitting on my nightstand by my bed - I can’t get away from it. It’s too much of an integral part of...


Why Millennials Value Experiences over Material Items

In my quest for educating bosses about how and why Millennials are different than previous generations, it’s been easy to point out that many of Millennials’ preferences, behaviors, and values are trending down.

We perceive their disparities as negative and we frequently shrug or roll our eyes as we talk about their identity and values.

Regarding how they value experiences over material items, maybe that’s a perspective in which we, older generations, have something to...


These Millennial Attributes are Crucial for Your Business


I was terribly disappointed to read some recent articles and studies regarding hiring and promoting Millennials to managerial positions.

There’s a general anxiety and reluctance in the US workforce to hire people under 30, because they are perceived as unpredictable and not having the same work ethic as other generations.

In fact, there is a huge problem with buy-in among Millennials and the symptoms are turnover and disengagement from their jobs.

If you’re a type of...


"Another Meeting?!" Why having a daily huddle is important!

Meetings- highly important and for most organizations, highly boring.

We all need meetings for alignment, but most of wish we had fewer meetings. 

Thing is...a great leader is not circumventing their responsibility of holding AND being adequately prepared for these engagements. And when it comes to leading a young team, meetings are invaluable as you:

  • Invest in their development, training, and education
  • Keep a close eye on their tasks... lest...
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