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The Easiest and Hardest Job For A Leader: Being Present

12 Steps to Becoming a Stronger Leader

Step 1: Be Present 

Description: In this blog, we discuss the importance of being present and using strategies to stay mindful. We also cover the messages we send to others by committing to be present when interacting with them and the dangers of living too far in the past or the future.

Don’t Miss the Moment

Have you ever finished a page in a book only to realize that you have no idea what you just read? Or driven to work, without...


New Year’s Resolutions (Don’t) Suck

Welcome to the new year! Each season has valleys and mountain and lessons to be learned from each situation. We hit some goals and we miss some goals, but we keep walking the path.

It’s time to start thinking about your resolutions and goals differently. A year ago, I talked about the concept of SMART goals and how they feel tired!

My point is the same: The scientific data on SMART goal success shows that, as a strategy for maximizing your impact, they just can’t get...


The Plight of the Perfectionist

I’m here to talk to you about the plight of the perfectionist. Some of us are perfectionists, myself included… maybe you show tendencies…

But, it’s a wide spectrum AND there are a lot of people who follow our content that want to complete tasks with excellence, so I have a strong warning for you….

Here's the big issue... according to me.


When we are perfectionists, we expect that we will manifest our best every time.

We always expect to be doing our...


Why Leadership and Development Programs are like Eating Programs (Diets)

Recently, I was reading a report just like nerds do within a specific industry and I was looking over the most recent state of leadership according to Harvard business publishing. What the report said was Leadership and Development programs are like eating programs.

Harvard said leadership development is like a diet. No I'm totally kidding, but that was the biggest inference that I received from the report, now here's what I mean.

We intuitively know that leadership and development is...

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