Be a proactive leader who inspires their young workers.

Leading a Young Team of Professionals?

How do you keep a high performing team aligned in purpose when they all have very different education, life, and work experiences?


How GenDev Can Help Executives

As a high-level business leader, your number one job is to ensure that your team is on the same page as they pursue your organization’s objectives. It can be hard sometimes, right? Okay, it’s hard most of the time.

The fact that the youngest group of workers seem so profoundly different than GenX or baby boomers certainly doesn’t help. They’re often the group with the most opinions and the least practical experience. But, they’ll also soon be the largest group of workers in the marketplace. Did you know that by 2020, Millennials will make up 50% of the workforce? It’s true.

So how do you bring this challenging, but talented group of workers in line with your company’s larger goals, while at them same time making sure your work culture remains friendly and attractive to the workers you’ll have to hire in the very near future? GenDev has developed the roadmap you’ll need to navigate this tricky path.

We’ve turned our years of experience managing young employees into a powerful video training series you can use to better understand what makes this unique generation tick and how you can tap into their secret motivations to propel them to greater success.

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Be a proactive leader who inspires their young workers to do their best every day. GenDev can help you get there.

"What GenDev is doing is simplifying a process and making it cultural by looking at the needs and expectations of the younger generation. There are not enough organizations that are paying attention to that, and GenDev is right on top of it."

Liviu Vizitiu

"If you’re not familiar with any leadership training, this is the way to go. GenDev’s curriculum is not just applicable to some bosses, it’s applicable to everyone."

Matt Hategan
Mad Hatter Catering

"A company like GenDev is a great asset. They have the ability to create relationships, identify talent and raise those people up so that their potential is realized and maximized."

Luke Nelson
Premier Insurance

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