Human Resource Specialist

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Human Resource Specialist

Have you found it challenging to attract and hire the right young employees within your company?

How GenDev Can Help HR Specialists

As an HR Specialist, you’re probably tasked with recruiting and screening applicants for open positions. And if your organization is like most others, you’re also probably seeing more and more Millennials applying for your open positions. 

It has a lot to do with the unique nature of the Millennial generation. As a cohort, these workers are very capable and confident, but short on practical skills or relevant work experience.

So how do you recruit and screen a group of potential employees with little employment history and lots of opinions about how your business should be run? It’s going to take a little work.

Fortunately GenDev can help.

We’ve turned our years of experience recruiting, screening, hiring and working with young employees into a powerful training series so you can revamp your hiring funnel and bring the right new workers into your organization.

This intensive coursework will give you the knowledge you need to understand what this generation is looking for in their work experience and how you can tap into that to motivate them for success.

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You can be more effective in your work when you understand Millennials better.

And GenDev can help you get there.

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"GenDev’s curriculum doesn’t just help with hiring the right person, but it helps you retain and develop the right person, too."

Dave Kelly
Windy Hills Winery

"There is a need in the world right now for GenDev and the work they are doing. They are partnering together different generations and allowing for processes that are proven to work with the Millennials and Gen Z."

Liviu Vizitiu

"What GenDev is doing is awesome because they make it easier to understand and support an organization's systems. People get to learn through stories and good experiences and will be able to succeed in cultural shifts."

Ryan Moor

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