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Working with a Young Team?

As a small business owner, you don’t have time for trial and error. Why? Because you know that time equals money, and every moment you spend away from your core pursuit is a lost opportunity for more growth and more revenue.

How GenDev Can Help Small Business Owners

That’s a big reason why managing young employees can be so frustrating for many small business owners. The time that’s required to bridge the gap between what small business owners need and expect and what younger workers can provide can at times seem infinite. And that’s just not an investment many small business owners can afford to make.

But you also can’t afford to give up on this demographic. Did you know that by 2020 Millennials will make up fully half of the workforce? 🤔 It’s true, so there’s no avoiding them. Instead, you should openly welcome this cohort into your organization and then work as hard as you can to take advantage of their many inherent talents. Talents you can harness to help your business grow and thrive.

So instead of wasting your valuable time trying to reach young employees you don’t really understand, invest that time into learning how to work with them more efficiently. Imagine everything you could accomplish if you hired better young employees, communicated with them in a more effective manner, and then motivated them to achieve success. You’d be unstoppable!

If this problem sounds all too familiar, GenDev can help.

We’ve turned our years of experience working with young employees into a powerful video training series you can use to take the trial and error out of your own employee management. This intensive coursework will give you the knowledge you need to place this unique generation in context while also providing the necessary skills you’ll use to work with them in the right way.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your future. Invest in GenDev.

"GenDev’s curriculum doesn’t just help with hiring the right person, but it helps you retain and develop the right person, too"

Dave Kelly
Windy Hills Winery

"I think what GenDev is teaching is really important because Millennials need some Autonomy. They don’t want to be micromanaged, they don’t want someone looking over their shoulder. Giving them those responsibilities so they can hit the ground running is really important."

Natalie Hategan
Human Resources Manager

"What GenDev is doing is awesome because they make it easier to understand and support an organization's systems. People get to learn through stories and good experiences and will be able to succeed in cultural shifts."

Ryan Moor

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